Our Chubby Cheek Cake Guarantee

Chubby Cheek Cake will provide a professionally designed and decorated desserts(s) as agreed to by client in a timely manner. We will guarantee the flavors, size and design discussed on order. We appreciate your business and know that you have many options when it comes to bakeries and honored that you have chosen us for your speical event.

Allergy Disclaimers

Please be aware that all ingredients are processed on the same equipment for all orders. Including eggs, soy, wheat, nuts, dairy.

Design Variations

Keep in mind that while we do try to keep the design as close to discussed, there may be slight variations to final design. Colors vary from screen to screen so we will do our best to color match as close to possible. Every cake is unique and a custom work of art. At Chubby Cheek Cakes we like to add our own twist and elements to the design. Its not fun to copy exactly what other bakers have done!

Care and Handling

Chubby Cheek Cakes is not responsible for any damages to the cake after pick up or set up. For delivered cakes, it is the clients responsibility to provide a sturdy and secure space for cake set up. For all pick ups, the client assumes all responsibility for the condition of the cake once it leaves our possession.